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Loan Types

Secured Loans

New and Used

Low rates and convenient terms make CCU your first stop for all your lending needs. We’re quick too; it is our goal to give you an answer within one hour of receiving your loan application.

Need a value? Click here to use NADA, and find the value of your next purchase!

Drive With Confidence with an Auto Protection Plan Financed by CCU.
As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of repairs will increase. That is when you need protection the most. Your credit union now offers an extended warranty/auto protection plan that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in automotive repairs. For more pricing and details, contact the office.

Mobile Home Loans

Let us help you make your next mobile home purchase! We will lend up to 80% of NADA retail value. The maximum loan amount may not exceed $30,000 and may not exceed 10 years.

Unsecured Loans

Personal Unsecured Loans

This is your all-purpose loan solution. Borrow the money you need for purchases not covered by other loan types. Maybe you need a new washer & dryer, or perhaps you’d like to take that cruise you’ve always been talking about. We’re here to help! Your signature and good credit are all that is required.

Why apply for a personal loan?

  • Finance home remodeling
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Money for moving expenses
  • Finance funeral expenses
  • Pay medical bills
  • Buy a car, boat or RV
  • Take a dream vacation

Fast Track Consolidation Loans

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all those bills, can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? We can help!

This loan is designed to be hassle free and helps you consolidate debt at multiple institutions into just one loan. Let Columbia Credit Union help you see the light and the end of the tunnel.

If you’re overwhelmed with high monthly payments, outrageous rates and credit challenges, consolidate your monthly bills into one low-rate loan with one manageable monthly payment with our Fast Track Debt Consolidation loan. Soon you will be on the fast track to financial freedom, don’t wait, apply today!

Line of Credit

The Line of Credit loan is designed with our members in mind. With a line of credit, you can get advances for any financial need that arises. We can even set up overdraft protection for your checking account from your line of credit. Once you are approved for a line of credit, you may access your available balance whenever you need the funds; by giving us a call, using the audio teller, or online banking. You may deposit the funds into your account, have a check mailed to yourself, or stop by and pick up some cash. The minimum monthly payment is based off your approved credit limit.

Visa Credit Cards

Take advantage of the value and convenience of a credit card from CCU, it’s the perfect card for all your needs!

Columbia Credit Union’s card offers you:

  • Competitive Rates
  • No Annual Fees
  • Online Account Management
  • Balance transfer and cash advance rates are same as purchases
  • NO balance transfer fees
  • Zero liability protects you against fraud
  • World-wide acceptance
  • Great rewards program

Share Secured

Use your Savings Shares or CDs as collateral for loans with low rates and flexible terms. There is no maximum loan amount!

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are currently boasting their lowest rates in years, making it a good time to borrow. Second mortgage equity loans can be a wise option when you have equity in your home and plan to invest in asset-building purchases, such as home remodeling.

  • The interest you pay may be tax deductible*
  • Easy loan application
  • No annual fee
  • Quick approval decisions
  • Instant online access to home equity lines of credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is great for remodeling or education where expenses may vary and you need access to funds over a period of time. Columbia CU offers 24/7 access to funds via checks, personal online banking and our automated phone service.

Home Equity Closed End

This type of loan, also known as a 2nd mortgage, is great for projects when you know exactly how much money you need. You will receive funds in one lump sum and enjoy the comfort of knowing your rate will remain the same for five years.

*Consult with your tax consultant.

To apply for any of the home equity loan types above, please fill out the appropriate forms below:

First Mortgage

Looking to purchase a home? Let CCU help you make the mortgage process a breeze. We provide first mortgages through a partnership with Mid-America Mortgage.

To apply, you will need to fill out the following forms: